100 Words of Wisdom: Steve Curtis

bio_Curtis croppedI am not the most handsome, tallest, richest or smartest guy around. I do not recall being the first one picked for any job or sports team. I have never been that flashy person someone picks out of a crowd to put on the cover of a magazine. However, I have become quite successful with what I do. I have made it in my own way, and you can too. My main strategy for success is to stick with an area of interest over time. It is amazing what one can do with this simplistic idea. Go for it!



Dr. Steven Curtis is a member of SENG’s Professional Advisory Committee. He is a licensed child clinical psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist. He has worked in a variety of medical, school and university settings for the past 25+ years. Dr. Curtis has specialized in the assessment and treatment of children presenting with emotional, behavioral, developmental and learning difficulties throughout his training and work experience. Dr. Curtis now engages in full-time private practice with Lifespan Psychological Services, PS. In his private practice, Dr. Curtis provides psychotherapy and assessment services to children and families. He primarily works with elementary-aged children who are struggling with behavioral and learning difficulties at home or school. He has a particular interest in working with gifted children who have additional challenges with behavior, learning, or socialization (dual exceptionalities). Dr. Curtis is the author of Understanding Your Child’s Puzzling Behavior: A Guide for Parents of Children with Behavioral, Social, and Learning Challenges.

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