A 25th Anniversary is a very special occasion for any organization. I don’t know the statistics on the success rate for non-profits or associations but most businesses fail in the first year. An organization that makes it to a silver anniversary should step back and say THANK YOU to people who nurtured it to its 25th year. The 25th Anniversary Gala allowed SENG the opportunity to thank those individuals who have donated time and considerable thought over the years to how SENG could help bring attention and support to the social and emotional needs of the gifted.

Honoring Former Directors
SENG recognizes these people who have volunteered their time and energy through service on the Board of Directors:

Cheryl Ackerman Ruth Carlstrom Mamon Gibson Rick Olenchak
Ed Amend Therese Clifford Carolyn Kottmeyer Joanne Whitmore Schwartz
Ernesto Bernal Ranele Cote Sharon Lind Beverley Shaklee
Marie Cappurro Arlene DeVries Vicky Moyle Jim Webb

Special Thanks to our Outgoing Directors
SENG offers special thanks to these SENG Directors who are leaving the board this year:

Dina Brulles
Shari Hill
Linda Neumann
Nadia Webb

Recognition for Professional Advisory Committee Members
SENG is grateful to these professionals who volunteer their time to serve as our medical and mental health advisors:

Rick Clouse
Steven Curtis
Brock Eide
Fernette Eide
Jean Goerss
Jerald Grobman

SENG Summit Awards
Special honors were bestowed on the following individuals whose efforts made tremendous contributions to the history of SENG:

Jean and Bill Casey Joyce Juntune
Jim Delisle Betty Meckstroth
Arlene DeVries Sharon Lind
Ron Fox Joanne Whitmore Schwartz
Anne Impellizzeri

New! The SENG Service Award
recognizes exceptional volunteer service to SENG. The 2008 honorees are: 

Ed Amend
Raenele Cote
Carolyn Kottmeyer
Rick Olenchak
Therese Clifford
Stacey Lind

Therese Clifford, Carolyn Kottmeyer and Ed Amend display SENG Service Awards


Heidi Molbak is the mother of three gifted boys. She has carefully guided her sons through the obstacle course that is gifted education to meet their social and emotional needs. Heidi has supported her children through twelve schools in five states and two countries, and has even run her own small school from home. She has experience with many types of schools–public magnet, independent, public charter foreign-language immersion, one-room multi-age, boarding, and home schools. She’s also experienced in distance learning and summer college programs. Heidi earned an A.B. from Stanford University and is currently completing a Masters in Counseling at Loyola University New Orleans. She is also a trained SENG-Model Parent Group Facilitator.

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