The 6th OE: Gifted Empaths, Intuitives, and Old Souls – Kathy Courchene

Monday, November 20, 2017, 7PM ET

Course Description

Though Dabrowski described five overexcitabilities, others have proposed a sixth: Spirituality. We’ll explore the relationship of giftedness to the attributes and experiences of empaths, mystics, intuitives, visionaries, and seers of today. Is this you, a child, a partner? Learn how to nurture and protect these gifts, and let that Light shine!

Presenter Bio: Kathy Courchene

As the mother of three 2e children (now adults), Kathy struggled to find the kind of support she and her family needed. In 1999, Kathy decided to return to school to earn a Masters degree in Psychology so that she could become the kind of professional that her own family had sought, years earlier. Kathy has now been practicing as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia since 2001, specializing in work with gifted kids, teens, adults, and parents. Through her Gifted 24/7™ programs, she also works as a coach for individual adults and for parents of gifted, intense, highly-sensitive, quirky kids! These services are provided via phone and videoconferencing to clients who live in places other than Georgia. In addition, she is trained in Energy Psychology and is a Certified Practitioner of Integrative Energetic Medicine, blending traditional Eastern concepts of subtle energies with shamanic practices and spirituality.

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