Can you refer me to a mental health professional in my community who understands the unique needs of gifted people?
While SENG does not provide specific referrals for counseling, we have published a brochure Selecting a Mental Health Professional for Your Gifted Child with guidelines to help in the search for a gifted-friendly professional. It is available for sale in packets to distribute in your school or organization, or you can download it free for your personal reference.

What books do you recommend for people interested in learning about giftedness?
Have a look at the SENG Recommended Booklist for titles to increase your knowledge about giftedness and the social and emotional issues surrounding it. You may also be interested in our articles library, containing many of the most relevant and well-researched articles by experts in the field of giftedness.

Do you have a recommended list of speakers for workshops or in-services?
SENG does not have a speakers’ bureau. However, many of the members of SENG’s Board of Directors are nationally renowned speakers. Read about their expertise and how to contact them here! The SENG Board as a group is also available to hire for conferences and conventions.

Does SENG have handouts I can use in my class or workshop?
If your class or workshop is not-for-profit, the articles on the SENG website can be downloaded and reproduced at no charge, provided you cite the author and as your sources. All the material on the SENG website is subject to copyright. Please obtain the permission of the original author or publisher of any article you wish to reprint in a periodical, Internet or other publication.

I think my child is gifted. Where can I get him tested?
An individual evaluation by a psychologist familiar with gifted issues is the best way to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as his or her overall ability level and whether he or she qualifies as gifted, according to your state’s definition or another definition. Combining testing information with some interview data, a psychologist with a background in giftedness will be able to provide you with some good recommendations for both educational options and management of other issues. SENG does not make referrals for psychologists or therapists who test for giftedness. Contact your local or state gifted association, your state chapter of the American Psychological Association, or the Hoagies’ Psychologist Pages for suggestions.

My child isn’t succeeding in the regular classroom, can you suggest a school in my area that could meet her needs?
Unfortunately, SENG cannot provide referrals for schools. We can recommend that you contact local parent organizations in the areas you’re considering and talk to parents who have children in those schools. You may also want to contact district gifted coordinators.

For practical advice about how to approach your child’s school, SENG recommends Re-Forming Gifted Education: How Parents and Teachers Can Match the Program to the Child by Karen Rogers. Dr. Rogers offers ideas about questions to ask schools to determine the kind of education your child will receive, how they will work with gifted children, and how to advocate for your child.

Hoagies’ Schools for the Gifted page is an up-to-date list of schools recommended by parents in the U.S. and other countries, and is a great starting point to research schools in your area. The members of NAGC‘s Special Schools and Programs Division may be able to help as well.

Is there a SENG-Model Parent Support Group in my area?
We hope that there is a SENG-Model Parent Support Group in your area, and suggest that you ask your school, your local or state gifted child association, or other parents in your community. If you are unable to locate a SENG-Model Parent Support Group, please email us at with your location (including ZIP code) and we will try to help you find a facilitator near you.

I want to start my own SENG-Model Parent Support Group. How can I get trained as a facilitator?
Visit our Parent Group pages to learn more about starting the process of being trained as a facilitator.

I’m an adult, and I think I’m gifted, but I’m not a teacher or a parent. Where can I find information about myself?
Fortunately there continues to be increasing interest in the needs of gifted adults. SENG has some great articles about gifted adults in our online library. If you want to delve deeper, peruse the SENG Recommended Booklist for titles that you can sink your teeth into. You may also be interested in these websites and journals:

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