The governing body of SENG; Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted is the Board of Directors.  Corporate governance principles are featured in the SENG Bylaws and a series of documents adopted by the Board and reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the organization and reflect current industry best practices.

Governing Documents

In January 2015 SENG embarked on governance reform.  Changes were submitted for Board approval in Fall of that same year and adopted in January 2016.  In addition to a more clear oversight and strategic role for the Board, highlights of governance reforms include:

  • Amended and Restated Bylaws
  • Revised Board and Committee Structure
  • Communications Policy
  • Annual Affirmation of Service
  • Individual Member Self-Assessment
  • Board Member Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
  • Ethics, Conduct and Compliance Resources
  • Amended Policy Manual

Structure and Membership of the SENG Board of Directors

Requirements for Board membership are uniform and follow best practices for corporate boards. The selection of members is accomplished through Executive Committee recommendation and nominations are then submitted to the full Board for consideration. New Board members are approved at SENG’s Annual Board Meeting. Board membership ranges from 3 to 12.

SENG Committees and Programs

  • Executive Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Editorial Committee
  • Professional Advisory Committee
  • SENGinar Program Chair
  • SMPG Program Chair
  • Conference Program Chair

Financials and Reporting

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, SENG; Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted relies upon the support of generous Americans to fulfill its mission. For information on SENG’s fiscal policy contact the [email protected].

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