Director Elections

Director Elections

General Information:

If you value the emotional needs of the gifted, have skills and experience that will complement the board, are prepared to commit time and energy to a dynamic, working team and aspire to SENG leadership roles, please consider applying for a position on the Board of Directors.  We would welcome you application!


  • Candidates for Director positions shall evidence a commitment to the mission of SENG and the social and emotional needs of the gifted.
  • SENG is searching for people with skills to help the organization continue to expand in the areas of effective governance and increased development, as well as those who can contribute to the creation and maintenance of specialized programming.
  • Candidates with a background in gifted as well as candidates with backgrounds in finance, law, planned giving and information technology are especially needed.
  • SENG Directors are part of a working board that commits time to active committee work as well as providing local and national leadership for core constituencies.
  • New Directors should contribute positively to a balanced representation of diverse clients, roles, and geographical areas.
  • All Directors must maintain annual SENG membership.


1. Actively participating in the governance process of SENG by:

  • Becoming knowledgeable about all aspects of Board business and responsibilities in order to contribute insights, suggestions, or critical thoughts for Board consideration
  • Attending and actively participating in Board meetings and special retreats (at least 2 annually)
  • Attending the SENG Conference
  • Cultivating the interests of others to attend the conference
  • Serving on at least one standing committee with active participation involving responsibilities to be carried out in a timely manner

2. Promoting SENG in his/her community and relevant organizations and increasing awareness and interest in supporting SENG and its mission

3. Actively promoting the financial health of SENG by:

  • Making a personal contribution to the Annual Fund in an amount appropriate to a meaningful sense of personal investment and ownership
  • Actively seeking individuals, corporations and/or foundations who might respond to requests for financial support/gifts
  • Being available for one expenses-only presentation annually
  • Responding to customer service inquiries forwarded by the SENG staff
  • Critically reviewing SENG’s financial statements on a regular basis
  • Actively recruiting candidates to fill open Board positions

 Application Process:

  1. Complete and submit the online Director Application
  2. If you have a relationship with a current director who might sponsor your application, please indicate this on the application. If you do not, a director will be assigned to your application.
  3. Candidates will participate in a telephone interview.

Election and notification:

  • All candidates will be advised by email of the election results. 
  • New directors will be assigned a mentor from the current board of directors and will begin their three-year term on January 1.
  • Directors are asked to attend a SENG board meeting to be held in January at the location of the conference for the following year.
  • Subject to SENG’s finances, and to comply with SENG’s expense reimbursement policy, directors’ expenses may be reimbursed for attendance at meetings and annual conferences. The position is otherwise not remunerated.

For more information about Director positions email  [email protected]

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