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The SENG office frequently receives letters and calls of appreciation for making a difference in the lives of gifted individuals, their families and the communities that serve them.  Below is a small sample of comments about SENG’s programs, services and experts. We hope these testimonials will serve as inspiration for others to explore the supports offered by SENG as they experience challenges and joys associated with giftedness.

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SENG has been in the background helping our family for almost a year now.

When you have a very bright child, the time and energy required to feed their intellect pales in comparison to struggling to support them in their experiences with their highly intense emotions. The constant misunderstandings these children have to deal with in the “real world” is heartbreaking at times. The precious encounters with people who get it, even if it’s the presenter at a webinar who you might never meet, a professional who replies to your long and emotional e-mail, the author of an article, or another parent who’s some years ahead of you, validates our experiences as a family and helps us be more supportive and wiser parents.

adobestock_82421089Even though our child is young, we can already see that having support from people who value and understand the sometimes scary, intense feelings of the highly gifted child and how it is inseparable from their intellect can mean a life of self-understanding and high self-worth as opposed to the tragedy of a life of loneliness/depression or isolation.

SENG has been great for helping us as parents with knowing we are not alone (the best benefit of the SENG network) and feeling like there are other people operating in this alternative universe of parenting a highly bright and intense child.

The articles are helpful for us and to be used as tools to try and enlighten others, especially the schools we’ve encountered that just aren’t quite there yet.


I am a Spanish student at MIT.

adobestock_101491609I discovered the SENG website 2 years ago while I was looking for information about my high sensitivity “defect”, something I always considered that was wrong with me and needed to be corrected. I found a description of myself in the articles and this was a sweet relief. The more I read the articles, the more I felt identified with giftedness. Last year fall, encouraged by SENG articles, I asked for diagnosis and it is not an exaggeration to say that being aware of my giftedness has totally changed my life.  I will be always grateful for finding that website, and I did not want to miss the opportunity to express my gratitude for all the important things you brought light to me.


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