Presented by Dr. Ellen Fiedler and Dr. Michele Kane

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What are the lives of older gifted adults like? What might be different for them compared to others in their cohort age group (ages 50-65, 65-80, & 80 and beyond)?

When or why would someone be considered an “elder?” Can we assume that anyone who is thought of as an “elder” is gifted?

What have elders in the field of gifted education contributed to this conversation?

This SENGinar will focus on lived experiences of older gifted adults during the latter years of their lives. Dr. Ellen Fiedler and Dr. Michele Kane will discuss the distinction between being an “elder” or just being older. They will also explore the following key issues for older gifted adults:

• Connecting w/others – searching for kindred spirits – having meaningful relationships

• Coping with conflicting feelings and asynchronous development

• Seeking ongoing opportunities for expanding their knowledge – finding ways to continue to have vibrant, interesting lives and exercise their minds

• Balancing everything in their lives – being selective about how they spend their time and energy – dealing with physical changes

• Responding to an urgency to accomplish something worthwhile and to make a difference in the world: Generativity and Leaving a Legacy

After sharing effective strategies that older gifted adults can use in their quest to live satisfying, meaningful lives, the presenters will conclude with a dialog about being “ageless.” A brief list of useful resources and sources will be included.

About the Presenters

Dr. Ellen D. Fiedler, Professor Emerita of Gifted Education from Chicago’s Northeastern Illinois University, is the author of Bright Adults: Uniqueness and Belonging Across the Lifespan and has published chapters on gifted adults in Off the Charts: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child and in Living with Intensity as well as many articles in professional journals. Her Ph.D. is in Counseling and Guidance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has been a Gifted Program Coordinator and a State Consultant for Gifted and has regularly presented at state, national, and international conferences and keynoted the first international symposium on adult giftedness.

Dr. Michele Kane

Bio coming soon


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