This group will introduce the concepts of SENG including its mission, goals, and values to the northern European gifted community. Topics may include: introduction to giftedness, social/emotional needs, gifted adulthood, what it means to be gifted in Europe, making connections, and much more.

The SENG Connect Community will represent a vibrant, active, online network where multi-generational and multi-cultural members of the gifted community can connect and share with each other within the context of SENG’s mission/values.


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About the Facilitators

Femke Hovinga is a gifted specialist from Utrecht, The Netherlands. She knows first-hand what kind of struggles extreme giftedness can cause whilst finding a way through the educational system. Dealing with being bullied, bored, and lonely she felt like an outcast and became an underachiever. Despite these struggles she managed to graduate as an MSc in management from Nyenrode Business University. Driven by the ambition to help gifted children to experience a better childhood, she then studied to be a talent counselor. Femke’s interests are the social and emotional aspect of the gifted population and the group of the profoundly gifted. Femke founded the European platform for the Extremely and Profoundly Gifted (Talentissimo) and is the European representative for SENG. Together with Tijl Koenderink she founded Take on Talents, which facilitates parents and teachers to learn more about giftedness. She also has a private practice where she sees profoundly gifted youth. For her work, she was awarded with the title of Dutch ‘power woman’ in the 2016 Viva competition. In her spare time, Femke enjoys writing, gemology, boating, and traveling.

Lianne Keuper is married and mother of 3. Lianne has worked in different schools in the Netherlands, Brunei and Oman. Currently she lives in the Netherlands and she owns an Education Advice Practice. She supervises children of primary and secondary education who need backing. Her specialization is Educating the Talented and Gifted (ECHA), Twice Exceptional, she is a specialist in teaching reading comprehension and vocabulary and she is a trainer of ‘Learning Quickly = Great Learning’. Within her field of work, she often receives questions from parents of gifted children about the development of their children, well-being and education. She knows from experience, being a mother of three children who are gifted in their own way, what you might encounter as a parent of a gifted child. As a SPMG Facilitator, she wants to bring together parents who can support each other by sharing their stories


By joining and becoming a part of the SENG Connect Community, active members will have exclusive rights and access to valuable and real-time information on a variety of topics and discussions shared within the Community forum. Insight from thought leaders from chat discussions, peer to peer interactions and discussions from members around the globe, learning and sharing in a facilitator-led discussion group on a topic of importance by its members.

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