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Thursday, November 16th
7.30PM EDT – 9.00PM EDT
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Millennials are an amazing generation who are often maligned for they way that they seem to disengage with the world around them. We must remember, however, that millennials did not create the world they were born into to; yet, we asked to navigate it in ways we deem socially acceptable. Millennials did not create the technology infrastructure that permits them perpetually stay connect to a vast social network; yet, we expected to use common sense in how they engage with their peers. Many of the our generation’s social norms were created at a time when void of digital technologies; yet, we expect them to apply them to a world that is vastly different. This session will describe the new social norms that millennials are creating and explain how we can help guide them through the tough times that are often associated with adolescence.

Millennials represent a generation of young people who are as interested in peer relationships as any other generation that came before them. The difficulty for them, is that no previous generation had the expectations of establishing and maintaining these peer relationships while also potentially exposed themselves to a global audience. In essence, each day represents the possibility that any deed (good or bad), mis-step, or comment will result in global infamy. The potential and pressure grow up in this type of fishbowl can be equally exhilarating and stressful. This session will addresses these ideas and offer insight as to how we can offer guidance to an amazing generation.

About the Presenter

Dr. Kevin Besnoy has over 18 of experience teaching K-12 students, preparing pre-service teachers, and teaching graduate level teacher-education students at multiple universities.  He has a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education with an emphasis in Gifted and Talented Currently, he is the Director of ACCESS Virtual Learning and Associate at the Unversity of Alabama. His research interests include integrating technology into classroom instruction, identification of giftedness among culturally diverse populations, and advocacy for twice-exceptional students. His accomplishments include developing a model for supporting a sustainable classroom digital ecosystem and exploring theoretical implications of the Technology Frame Theory.


View the SENGinar on Vimeo!

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