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At SENG, supporting all gifted individuals is our priority. Every gifted person has unique needs and traits. SENG works to create a world where giftedness is better understood.

Education of health professionals and educators on giftedness is crucial. Our goal is to help them better understand and serve the gifted individuals they work with, and help gifted individuals and their families accept themselves and feel less broken. SENG offers continuing education courses, online webinars and support groups, and library of articles to provide education to all who are affected by giftedness.

SENG also connects gifted individuals and families with a community that understands them and their experiences. Gifted adults and children and the parents of gifted children often feel isolated and misunderstood, which can have drastic effects on mental and emotional well-being. Through our SENG Model Parent Groups, annual conference with children’s program, mental health professionals listing, and online SENG Connect support groups, SENG fosters community where gifted individuals and their families find belonging.

New for 2018 San Diego Conference:

  • Three Keynote Speakers – Friday and Saturday morning at 8 AM and Sunday at 11:30 AM
  • Sunday – Super Sessions (2 Hour) – 8 Topic choices include: In Pursuit of Excellence for Gifted Latino Learners; Putting Together the Puzzle of the Gifted Family; Feeling Color: Insight into a Bright Mind and Gifted Diversity; Emergence: Coming Face-to-Face with Your Gifted Self; and Empowering Gifted Girls: Young women need to know it’s okay to be smart
  • Affiliation with UC San Diego for teachers to earn credit units
  • Working Lunches
  • Choice of 90 Breakout Sessions
  • 10 Pre-Conference APA approved Continuing Education Units

Working together we can make a difference in the lives of the gifted. Thank you for making the SENG Conference what it is. We could not do it without you!

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