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Gifted Our Past and Our Future

SENG was formed to bring attention to the unique emotional needs of the gifted.  We believe that recognizing, understanding, and accepting the social and emotional needs of this unique population are the first priorities for parents, teachers, and counselors. SENG supports strong gifted education programs, but we believe the emotional piece is the foundation for the development of healthy, happy, well-adjusted, appropriately educated, and contributing gifted members of society. We invite individuals, parents,  advocates, educators, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, and professionals to join us for a truly unique experience.   


Year after year, parents and other family members tell us that the SENG conference is by far the best conference about giftedness they have ever attended. The sessions expose parents to the array of attributes associated with giftedness, and teach techniques for dealing effectively with children and children’s teachers. Parents have the opportunity to connect with other parents experiencing similar challenges. 


While giftedness does not fade after high school, support for gifted people does. Often parents come to SENG to learn about their gifted children and, in the process, rediscover their own giftedness. Grown-ups need strategies and support, too, in their family, creative, and professional lives.


The SENG Conference includes a children’s program that runs concurrently with the adult program. Designed for children whose parents are attending the conference, it provides an environment in which young learners can have fun while learning new skills. Each year the program varies but always, and most importantly, the children have the opportunity to connect with other gifted young people. Often, life-long friendships form, and many children return year after year. Open to children 6-16.  


Most counseling and psychology programs only touch on gifted issues, and professionals are often not trained to recognize the characteristics of gifted individuals. Specialized knowledge about how characteristics of giftedness may appear similar to behaviors that result from clinical conditions such as ADHD and OCD can increase the effectiveness of counseling with this population. Not only do SENG conferences provide a wealth of information in the regular conference program, we also offer concurrent Continuing Education Courses for mental health professionals.


The SENG conference presents an unparalleled opportunity for teachers to learn about these keys to understanding and serving gifted children. To teach gifted children effectively, teachers must be aware of the different ways these children learn and of their social and emotional needs. 



James T. Webb Scholarship:

The James T. Webb Scholarship currently extends the opportunity for identified gifted and talented students from culturally diverse populations and their parents to participate in the SENG Annual Conference. Students attend the program for children or teens. Parents attend concurrent adult sessions. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2016 Conference.

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Whether you are new to the gifted community or a long-time advocate, you are bound to find the SENG conference a rewarding and empowering event. You’ll be inspired, moved, and energized. Also expect to make some life-long friendships along the way. 

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