Academic Acceleration: A Practical Guide to Decisions and Implementation

Presented by Sharon Duncan 

Date, Time, Cost

Wednesday, May 17th
7.30PM EDT – 9.00PM EDT
Fee: $30.00 for SENG Members; $40.00 for Non-Members
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Education acceleration can take many forms: single subject, multiple subject, single grade, multiple grade and early entrance into kindergarten or college. Though much research exists confirming that acceleration is one of the most effective accommodations for many gifted students, well-meaning schools and parents often hesitate to utilize this option because of the myths surrounding it and the fear of harming the student. While never a decision to be taken lightly, acceleration is not only beneficial, in some cases it may be lifesaving.

This SENGinar is for parents, or educators considering acceleration.  Topics covered will include common fears and myths surrounding acceleration, different ways to identify candidate students, profiles of what an acceleration candidate may look like (they might not be the perfect straight A student), and practical techniques for creating and implementing an effective transition plan which includes how to:

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