Big News at SENG

by Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn, SENG Board President

Change is inevitable in our everyday lives and is cyclical. The seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall) are symbolic of the changes in the lives of mankind. Since January 2015, SENG has had to say good-bye to two board members –Dr. Joy Navan and Molly Isaacs-McLeod. Dr. Navan and Ms. Isaacs-McLeod both provided great service and care as directors for the SENG board. Ms. McLeod was instrumental in the beginning stages of planning the 2015 conference and chaired SENG’s SMPG program. She conducted SMPG trainings around the country with various colleagues. In addition, she was the board champion for the SENG Online Parent Support group (SOPS), which is one of SENG’s newest programs. Dr. Navan was responsible for the SENGinar committee and communicating with SENG’s Professional Advisory Committee (PAC). Both Dr. Navan and Ms. Isaacs-McLeod will be missed and SENG wishes them all the best in all their future endeavors!

SENG also bids farewell to Deborah Simon, SENG’s Interim Administrator since October 2014. As Interim Administrator, Ms. Simon spearheaded our recent efforts to update of much of SENG’s technological infrastructure. The Board of Directors wishes Ms. Simon the very best as she moves on to new and different challenges after SENG.

SENG is excited to introduce our newest board member Dr. Joy Lawson Davis. Dr. Davis has been instrumental on the national level advocating for gifted children from culturally different backgrounds. Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D. is an Associate Professor of Education and Department Chairperson of Education at Virginia Union University. She is also serving a three-year term on the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Board of Directors. Dr. Davis is the author of Bright, Talented & Black: A Guide for Families of African American Gifted Learners and a sought-out speaker and consultant in educating culturally diverse gifted learners and serving their families. Dr. Davis has been a teacher, school district Director of Gifted Services and spent five years as a state specialist in K-12 Gifted Programs in Virginia. She holds two degrees in gifted education from the College of William and Mary. Dr. Davis is also developer of two unique Facebook pages devoted to recognizing and celebrating diversity, WeAreGifted2 and Celebrating Black Genius. We are looking forward to putting Dr. Davis to work for SENG!


Tiombe-Bisa KendrickcroppedTiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn is a nationally certified school psychologist and is licensed to practice school psychology in the state of Florida. She has been employed with the Miami-Dade County Public School District as a school psychologist since 2005.

Ms. Kendrick-Dunn has a very strong passion for addressing the needs of gifted students from culturally and linguistically diverse populations and has been instrumental in significantly increasing the numbers of culturally diverse students participating in the Gifted Program at her schools. In addition, she has many helped parents find services outside the school district to help address the needs of their gifted children. In 2006, Ms. Kendrick-Dunn was a member of Miami-Dade Public Schools Gifted Task Force Committee and was also awarded the Mary Frasier Scholarship sponsored by the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC). In 2007, she was both appointed to the NAGC Diversity/Equity Committee and was awarded a grant by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Children Fund Inc to establish a resource center specifically designed for gifted students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Ms. Kendrick-Dunn completed her undergraduate work at Miami Dade College and Florida State University and her graduate work at Barry University. Ms. Kendrick-Dunn has presented at numerous professional conventions on the topic of gifted children.

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