If you’re passionate about the emotional needs of gifted people, and you are will to share your time, skills, and knowledge please contact us! Volunteers are vital to SENG. SENG appreciates the commitment of our volunteer directors, committee members and task force volunteers. The value of your combined efforts is helping gifted people worldwide. We invite our volunteers to submit Volunteer Tracking Forms,  and we look forward to sharing with the SENG community the dedication of our talented volunteers. 

Continuing Education

SENG is developing continuing education courses to fill in the gaps about giftedness in the standard courses of study for mental and physical health professionals.  If you work with a professional community that can benefit from increased awareness of the unique needs of gifted people, we want to work with you!


Raising money is a major component in keeping any non-profit corporation afloat and able to serve its community.  If you have experience and contacts in development circles, or if you or someone you know have an old or new found interest in the social and emotional side of being gifted, and are someone we should meet — introduce yourself!  We’ll be happy to talk about how we can work together.


Do you work with a professional, educational, or community organization that wants to host a seminar, workshop, or conference about the affective side of giftedness, but doesn’t quite know where to start?  Does your institution, business, or university have a special interest in adult giftedness, social and emotional research, or parenting gifted children?  SENG is actively seeking opportunities to partner with local organizations and existing conferences, and to bring SENG to communities across the United States.  We welcome inquiries about possible projects in keeping with our mission and vision.


Do you work in health services, education, or mental health?  And have you ever wanted a brochure to hand to a client or a colleague that explains some of the basic characteristics and unique needs of gifted patients, students or coworkers?  We at SENG know how you feel and have brochures, articles and other resources that can aid doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, teachers and parents when dealing with gifted children and adults.  If you have ideas about what to include in our resources, let us know!

SENG Liaisons

SENG Liaisons are the eyes and ears of SENG out in the field.  SENG Liaison’s model effective partnerships between SENG, SMPG State facilitators, the state gifted association, and any other professional individuals and groups interested in the unique social and emotional needs of the gifted.  Look to see if your state is represented, if not, be sure to apply.

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