The following questions are useful for reporters and others who are researching the issue of Gifted ADHD diagnosis or interviewing members of SENG’s Professional Advisory Committee.

1. How does one define giftedness?

2. How do professionals identify giftedness? At what age can one reliably identify giftedness?

3. Do gifted children have special needs that require support?

4. How do professionals identify ADHD? At what age can one reliably diagnose ADHD?

5. Can a child both be gifted and have ADHD?

6. Who usually is the most involved in the diagnosis of ADHD? Teachers? Parents? Psychologists? Healthcare professionals?

7. What training or education does a healthcare professional currently receive about giftedness?

8. What training or education does a teacher currently receive about giftedness?

9. Are gifted children sometimes misdiagnosed as having ADHD?

10. In what ways can gifted characteristics be misunderstood for ADHD?

11. Are there potential harmful effects of misdiagnosis, and, if so, what effects? (Medications and otherwise)

12. How often do you encounter gifted children in your practice or place of employment?

13. How often have you encountered gifted children who have been misdiagnosed with ADHD?

14. What advice would you give parents who suspect their gifted child may be misdiagnosed with ADHD?

15. What advice would you have for other professionals who want to learn about giftedness?

16. Why did you become a member of SENG’s Professional Advisory Committee?

17. What services does SENG provide families with gifted children? 

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