Gifted Homeschooling Parents

Parents of gifted children frequently feel isolated from support. They experience an unsettling dissonance between the child-rearing practices recommended for average children and the reality of the child in their midst. The very strengths and characteristics of talented children often result in associated problems, particularly in social and emotional areas. Our group will provide a safe and supportive environment to freely discuss your child’s development and parenting challenges. You will connect with other parents, increase your awareness of your child’s unique needs, learn strategies for successful parenting, and expand your resources.

Following the tried and true SENG Model, Kasi Peters and Adriane Ransom will be facilitating a 4-week support group specifically designed to support novice, experienced, and somewhere-in-between homeschooling families raising gifted children.

This online facilitated group will meet weekly for 1 hour over the course of 4 weeks. Afterwards, you will receive continued support from our online community of like-minded families, as well an invitation to participate in our monthly “book-club” style guided discussion meetings.


Dates & Times

Weekly, April 2-April 23, Noon-1:00 pm EST

About the Facilitators

Adriane Ransom is a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of Bloom Pediatrics, a private occupational therapy, speech, and physical therapy practice in West Los Angeles. Adriane received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and her graduate degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California. Over the past 17 years, Adriane has worked with children who are gifted or twice exceptional, and for the past 4 years she has facilitated groups for parents of gifted children with Kasi Peters. Adriane is also the mother of four children, ages 13, 11, 9, and 2 years old, three of whom have been identified as highly to profoundly gifted.

Kasi Peters is a board-certified music therapist who has worked with a wide variety of children since 2002. She is co-author of The Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile. Kasi’s passion for understanding the social-emotional and academic needs of the gifted began upon meeting her husband 21 years ago. She spends much of her time researching and reading about the needs of gifted children and their families. Kasi has two children ages 10 and 6, both of whom have been identified as highly to profoundly gifted.