Presented by Ken Dickson

Date, Time, Cost

June 15, 2017
7.30PM EDT – 9.00PM EDT
Fee: $30.00 for SENG Members; $40.00 for Non-Members
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This SENGinar focuses on administrative leadership necessary to facilitate 2e learners needs.  This includes what 2e learners’ stakeholders should look for regarding ideal administrative functions in their learners’ schools and school systems. Policy and implementation practices will be highlighted. These highlights will include a recently developed definition for which administrators who desire to enhance their services for 2e learners can operationalize. 

The topic acknowledges that twice exceptional (2e) individuals evidence exceptional ability and disability, which results in unique sets of circumstances. These circumstances require unique sets of supports – particularly administrative supports in every component of gifted program services. Such supports must include sets of activities designed to appropriately allocate resources to improve 2e learners’ opportunities. 

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