Let’s Talk Homeschooling for the Gifted – Kasi Peters

Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 7PM ET

Course Description:

In this interactive workshop, participants will be presented with information on the practicalities of homeschooling their gifted children. Many of us come reluctantly into homeschooling our gifted children. We never intended to have to find an alternative way to educate our children. Do you have a kindergarten drop out? A middle school drop out? Are your kids bored, anxious, refusing to go to school, not achieving to their potential? Are you at your wit’s end with advocating and racking your brain trying to find the appropriate educational fit? Are your kids asking to homeschool and you have no clue where to start? If so, this workshop is for you. During our time together, we will address myths related to homeschooling, discover resources available to homeschooling the gifted, figure out the practicalities in homeschooling and answer your most pressing questions. Whether you are a veteran homeschooling parent, or a prospective homeschooling parent, this workshop is for you. Please come share your resources, ideas and tricks of the trade. Please come ask your questions and figure out if homeschooling is something that might work for you and your family.

Presenter Bio: Kasi Peters

Kasi Peters is a board certified music therapist and has long history of supporting the development of children with special needs. She is co-founder of Square Pegs, a consulting business dedicating to helping families with gifted children in their search for alternative educational options. She is a SENG Model Parent Group Master Facilitator and was the 2017 recipient of the SMPG Facilitator of the Year Award. Kasi is currently completing a certificate in Gifted and Talented Education. She is a published author, community educator, co-founder of local gifted organizations, and homeschooling parent of two highly gifted children.

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