Living with Intensity Series – Part 3

Still Gifted After All These Years—Lifespan Intensity and Gifted Adults

Presented by Patricia Gatto Walden, PhD

Gifted children become gifted adults experiencing their inner world and surrounding environment in deep and complex ways. Throughout their lives gifted adults have recognized the impact intensities, asynchrony, perfectionism, and feelings of dissimilarity from others have effected their relationships, personal life, and career choices. Incorporating a holistic perspective (focus given to intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual/ethical and social domains), this webinar identifies the multifaceted intrinsic strengths, concerns, and needs of gifted adults. Primary lifelong issues of feeling different and alone, coping with isolation, self-criticism, and relentless perfectionism are addressed.

After viewing this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how an individual experiences giftedness “from the inside out.”
  • Be able to identify common difficulties and misunderstandings of adult giftedness.
  • Appreciate the lifelong focus on meaning and purpose.
  • Learn the importance of attending to the total self to attain health and well-being.

This SENGinar is the third in the 3-part Living with Intensity Series based on the book Living with Intensity. You may purchase the book through Great Potential Press, Amazon or other book retailers.

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Patricia Gatto WaldenPatricia Gatto Walden, PhD, is a nationally recognized licensed psychologist who has worked holistically with thousands of gifted and profoundly gifted children, adolescents, and adults for three decades. She has helped parents, educators, and administrators understand and accept the multifaceted inner world, needs, and concerns of gifted individuals. Her career has included university instruction of doctoral level counseling trainees, counselor supervision, and educational administration. She has been a featured speaker at international and national gifted conferences and educational workshops. In addition, she is chair-elect of the Global Awareness Division of the National Association for Gifted Children. She is a senior fellow for the Institute of Educational Advancement.




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