Conference Medley

Go to Parent Permission and Emergency Contact Form.


1. Please complete one form for every child or teen registered in the SENG Children’s Program and Teen Program.
2. Please enter the EXACT adult name as it was listed on your Conference Registration Form.
3. By filling out the form and typing your name in the parent Signature field, you:

  • Give permission for your child to be involved with the SENG Children’s Program or Teen Program.
  • Understand the some activities will be off-site with proper supervision and SENG has arranged transportation for these activities.
  • Understand that if your child is registered for the Teen Program (ages 14-17), you are providing permission for your teen to travel unescorted within the conference hotel. (For example, the popular Teen Lounge is open from 9PM to midnight; participants can leave at their discretion and return to your guest room.)
  • Understand that by typing your name in the Signature field, you are providing your signature.

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