Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 7 pm EST 

College readiness does not occur overnight for gifted middle-school students, and such readiness requires particular planning for twice-exceptional youth in grades 7-9. As this SENG webinar points out, they need multi-lateral preparation for academic, test-taking, social, and independent-living success. In academics, some 2e students should improve in some basic reading, writing, and math skills and in some study competencies, so that they can succeed in the full complement of challenging middle-school subjects that simulate high school and college coursework. Other twice-exceptional middle-school students may need testing for current manifestations of their disabilities, so that they may attain accommodations for high school and college admission tests and for advanced high-school and college coursework. They may also need appropriate test-taking skills. They can also benefit from social networking skills, to introduce them to postsecondary-bound persons in both disability and gifted groups, as well as independent-living competencies in devising, practicing, and adjusting daily schedules.

Presenter Bio: Terry Friedrichs, Ph.D., Ed.D. 

Terry Friedrichs, Ph. D., Ed. D., has four decades’ experience in teaching various scholastic and social skills to twice-exceptional K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students. He has taught them virtually all academic subjects at all grade levels and has prepared them in all these subjects for classroom and standardized tests, especially college entrance exams. For middle-school and high-school 2e youth,  he has worked with course selection and peer groups for these youth, and has socialized twice-exceptional students on the types of thinking needed for particular academic tasks. He has also prepared these students to make decisions on their uses of social time and other independent living skills and has collaborated with their families to make easier these youths’ social transitions to high school and college.

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