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Every day, SENG receives messages, emails, and phone calls from members of the gifted community seeking peers who will truly understand them. SENG Connect is our way of bringing these individuals together in a supportive environment, to bond over their similarities, traits, and experiences.

“The SENG Connect project has been a labor of love to create a year-round community for gifted people to make hard-to-find connections based on shared values, thoughts, and needs. We hope you will engage in the various types of Support Groups that should offer you the same warmth and comfort you have come to know through SENG.”  —Barry Gelston, M.Ed. SENG Connect Committee Chair Director

What is SENG Connect?

SENG Connect is an online community which provides gifted individuals and gifted families with a safe haven for discussion, support and learning.

Through this service, SENG Connect offers an online version of SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPG), as well as certified facilitator-led interactive discussion groups for adults on a variety of topics of interest to the global gifted community. Topics such as connectivity, education, gifted adults, diversity, creativity, parenting, social/emotional well-being, and many others will be explored.

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Upcoming SENG Connect Groups

Group Theme Dates & Times Facilitators
Gifted Parenting TBD Joan Larson & Carol Malueg
Being Gifted in Europe
Femke Hovinga
Gifted Homeschooling
Adriane Ransom & Kasi Peters
Gifted Elders TBD Heather Cachat & Kasi Peters
Twice-Exceptionality TBD Heather Cachat, Dr. Michael Postma


SENG Connect Workshop Previews

SENG Connect Community

The SENG Connect Community will represent a vibrant, active, online network where multi-generational and multi-cultural members of the gifted community can connect and share with each other within the context of SENG’s mission/values.

By joining and becoming a part of the SENG Connect Community, active members will have exclusive rights and access to valuable and real-time information on a variety of topics and discussions shared within the Community forum. Insight from thought leaders from chat discussions, peer to peer interactions and discussions from members around the globe, learning and sharing in a facilitator-led discussion group on a topic of importance by its members.

Services and Offerings

Because this is a member-driven Community, the topics and service offerings will be dynamic and continually be updated and changed to reflect and meet the members’ interests and topics. Some of the basic core offerings of Community will include:

  • Access to SENG Connect resource library
  • Access to expert advice from industry leaders and professionals
  • Access to SENG Connect Resource Groups
  • Access to SENG Connect chat groups
  • Online SMPG training and future SENG developed coursework

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More Information on Upcoming SENG Connect Programs

Browse the links below for descriptions of our support groups, interactive online workshops, and more!

SENG Connect Book Club

Introducing the first SENG Connect Book Club Group, which will be studying Best-Selling author John Green’s novel An Abundance of Katherines. This novel, centered on the life of young math prodigy Colin Singleton, explores themes of purpose, balance, and friendship,...

read more

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