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The Perfect Gifted Gift!

The SENG Honor Roll recognizes educators who make a difference in the life of a gifted child or adult. Planhonor_roll_seal_copy ahead for an end-of-school gift, and bestow this honor upon the most exceptional educator that you know.

The SENG Honor Roll provides a special opportunity to give credit to educators of all levels who demonstrate commitment to helping a gifted child or young adult. These special people are pivotal in the lives of gifted individuals.

Educators nominated to The SENG Honor Roll receive:

  • a letter of honor
  • a listing on the national SENG website and
  • a listing in the annual SENG Conference Program Book

Their school district or academic institution receives a certificate for formal presentation to the educator.

Both the educator and the district/academic institution will receive information about SENG and about the SENG Honor Roll achievement.

All nominees will receive a 12-month subscription to the 2E Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, courtesy of Glen Ellyn Media and U.S. nominees will also receive Josh Waitzkin’s book, The Art of Learning, courtesy of the JW Foundation (while supplies last)!


SENG Honor Roll of Outstanding Educators

Honor Roll Nomination Form

To make a nomination, simply fill out the form below and submit it. You will be redirected to paypal, where you can pay using your paypal account or a credit card. If you need an alternate method for payment, after hitting “submit” please contact us at office@sengifted.org. You will promptly receive an acknowledgement of your nomination and a paypal receipt for your tax deductible donation. All nominees will be listed on our SENG Honor Roll and in our conference program.

I wish to nominate the following educator to the SENG Honor Roll and support the emotional needs of the gifted. I am submitting my contribution as authorized below. I understand the minimum contribution to nominate an educator is $50.00 USD.

Please complete a separate form for each nomination.

SENG Honor Roll Nomination Form






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