SENG Support Groups

SENG Support Groups

 SENG Support groups are designed specifically to address some of the unique issues, needs and, challenges faced by varying gifted communities across the nation and beyond. The online platform allows individuals to meet together face to face to discuss these issues, needs, and, challenges with the guidance of an expert. Loosely based on the SMPG (SENG Model Parent Group) the groups offer support in a private setting and allows gifted persons to connect with each regardless of their location. Are you looking to connect? Join a Gifted Support Group today. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Postma at [email protected].

Young Adults Support Group

The Gifted Young Adult group is designed to assist young adults with the transition into adulthood as a gifted person. Topic such as school, college, graduation, peer relationships, finding that first job, and communication skills will be discussed.

Cost: $75
Facilitators: Trent Cash and Jenn Cammel
Wednesdays 8-9 PM EDT (6 in total over 8 weeks)
September 26
October 3
October 17
October 24
November 7
November 14

50+ and Gifted Support Group

Being gifted has its unique challenges. Being gifted and over the age of 50 also provides unique challenges as we enter a different phase of life. Anxieties over work challenges, the challenge of staying engaged after retirement, the challenge of finding ‘like-minded’ peers, the challenge of aging gracefully, and many others will be discussed in this small group. Experts on the topic will host a different topic each week.

Cost: $75
Facilitators: Heather Cachat and Kasi Peters
Saturdays 9:30-10:30 AM EDT (limited to 10 persons)
October 6
Barry Kennedy: How to be a Super-Ager
October 13
Ellen Fiedler: “Retired” or “Un-retired”?: Issues for Bright “Older” Adults
October 20
Joy Navan: TBA
October 27
Wenda Sheard: Passion and Advocacy in Later Life – Best Practices
November 3
Michele Kane: Mindful Practices for Enhanced
Peace and Calm – Aging with Grace
November 10
Maggie Brown: Next Steps – Connection, Mutual Support, Learning, and SENG

Gifted Parenting Support Group

Raising a gifted child can be quite challenging. Gifted children develop atypically in both body and mind; something the parental help books do not address. Parenting gifted children can also be isolating as many of your peers just do not quite understand (or empathize with) the challenges that you face on a daily basis. This Gifted Parenting support group offers the chance to connect with other gifted parents and discuss the highs and lows of raising a gifted child.

Cost: $125
Facilitators: Carol Malueg and Joan Larson
Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM EDT
September 18
September 25
October 2
October 9
October 16
October 23

Parenting Twice Exceptional Children

Parenting is a difficult task. It is even more challenging raising twice-exceptional students who struggle to fit in to the mainstream expectations placed upon them by societal norms. Issues such as communication skills, neuro-diversity, education, coping with stress/anxiety, and other issues will be discussed in this support group.

Cost: $125
Facilitators: Dr. Michael Postma and TBA
Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM EDT
October 2
October 9
October 16
October 23
October 30
November 6

Homeschooling the Gifted & Twice-Exceptional

A growing number of parents with gifted children are opting to homeschool their kids rather than expose them to public or private school settings. If you are one of those parents and are looking for guidance and direction, join this support group where the issues and challenges faced by homeschooling parents will be discussed and strategies for success, shared.

Cost: $125
Facilitators: Kasi Peters and Adriane Ransom
Dates and Registration: TBA

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