Promoting Executive Functions in a Congregated Classroom – Ley-Anne Folks and Heather Lai

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 7PM ET

Course Description:

This presentation focuses on the results of an action research project based on supporting Executive Function development in a congregated gifted setting. This topic is particularly important in gifted education given the asynchronous development of many gifted children. When we factor in twice-exceptional students (12.7% of our school’s student population) then consider the growing class sizes, shrinking budgets and limited resources available to many educators, it becomes vital to develop classroom level supports for teachers to implement. Interventions for multiple exceptionalities often derive from the disabilities literature. Based on research with ADHD populations, it is clear Executive Functioning needs to be taught in situ. Our project is different because we tested specific strategies in a school for gifted learners where the twice-exceptional students are integrated with the gifted population. The areas of Executive Functioning we will focus on are working memory, behaviour management, problem solving, goal setting and progress monitoring, and specific academic strategies. These supports can be implemented with the general gifted population who experience asynchronous development as well as gifted students with exceptionalities such as mental health issues, Autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD.

Presenter Bio: Ley-Anne Folks

Ley-Anne Folks is a Canadian educator specializing in twice-exceptional learners. In her M. Ed (Gifted with ADHD), she investigated the role of executive functions (EF) in learning and developed classroom support techniques for gifted students with EF deficits.

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