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If you’re gifted, you probably agree that there can never be too much information in the world; there will never be too much to read and to learn. Spreading knowledge about giftedness helps gifted individuals, and those who work with them and love them, to understand and advocate for gifted needs.

adobestock_75914612SENG maintains an extensive library of high-quality resources, both print and audio-visual, all focused on the needs, characteristics, and experiences of gifted individuals.

Our free monthly newsletter, the SENGVine, alerts readers to new columns and articles, as well as upcoming events and news items. All past issues are available online.

In addition, we offer downloadable informational brochures and links to other gifted organizations.

SENG also maintains a Recognized Professionals Page to help you find a local Mental Health Professional and a list of links to other gifted organizations.

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