Articles on Diverse Populations of the Gifted

Voices: Gifted and Disabled

by Kella Hanna-Wayne My therapist once asked me, “What is it like, to have such a constant detailed awareness of everything happening around you and everything in your body? With how much pain you have, that must be scary to experience all of it in such vivid detail....

Indian view on creativity and sensitivity

By Abha Bhagwat A child that did not score well in school is not considered intelligent. The education system in India has created a modern caste system by dividing children in different groups; such as those who go to English medium schools or Vernacular medium...

Director's Corner: Social Justice and the Gifted Child

Social Justice and the Gifted Child: Nurturing their need to make a difference in the world By Joy Lawson Davis As a tenth grader in high school, I led a walkout. A year or so earlier, my parents had moved our family to a very small racially segregated rural area...

An Important Scholarship Opportunity

Talking Circles: An Important Scholarship Opportunity by Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn In 1962, SENG founder Dr. James T. Webb was a graduate student in psychology at the University of Alabama. It was during this time that Dr. Webb became interested in gifted children as...

Parenting the Culturally/Racially Diverse Gifted Child

Talking Circles: Parenting the Culturally/Racially Diverse Gifted Child By Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn When parents first learn of their child’s disabling condition such as a learning disability in reading, Autism, or language impairment, it is often a very traumatic...

The Often Unspoken Pain of the Racially Diverse Gifted Child

The Often Unspoken Pain of the Racially Diverse Gifted Child By Tiombe Bisa Kendrick Dunn In our society, many school-age children hear the cliché “you can be all you can be if you work hard.” The latter is especially true of children possessing high cognitive...

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