Articles for Families

Benny and Me: A Father Sees Himself Through His Son

by Michael Postma It was a miserable day in the fall of 2001 when we got our first glimpse of what our lives would be like for the next 20-odd years. We were a young family: a mom, a dad, one young daughter in elementary school, a newborn, and a young lad, Ben. Ben...

Tips for Parents of Intense Children

by Sharon Lind Living with emotionally intense children and partners can be turbulent, exciting, challenging, and joyful. Emotionally intense individuals are often accused of "overreacting." Their compassion and concern for others, their focus on relationships, as...

Tips For Parents: Introverts

Tips For Parents: Introverts by Sharon Lind Reprinted with permission from the Davidson Institute of Talent Development Sharon Lind, a private consultant for affective, gifted, and parent education, led an informational seminar for parents of profoundly intelligent...

Finding the Glory – On and Off the Playing Field

Linda C. Neumann On the school athletic field, it seems that everyone expects and reveres top-level performance. A common expectation is that schools will offer special programs and opportunities to help athletes develop and hone their abilities in competition....

What Your Kids Want You To Know

What Your Kids Want You to Know by Jane Hesslein As a teacher of the gifted, I am involved daily in the relationships between students and parents, working to keep each “team” apprised of what the other is thinking. At the beginning of the year, I tell parents what I...

Getting Over Overexcitabilities: Effectively Managing Family Interactions when Family Members Have Different Overexcitabilities

Family interactions can be challenging. However, when all the family members have overexcitabilities and not necessarily the same ones, effectively managing family interactions can be extremely challenging. This article provides a brief overview of the different overexcitabilities. Then researched based recommendations are provided for how to effectively manage family interactions when overexcitabilities are involved based on the authors’ personal experiences as individuals with overexcitabilities within families whose members also have overexcitabilities. These recommendations are provided for families trying to “get over” or effectively manage their overexcitabilities.

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