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Discovering the Gifted Ex-Child

by Stephanie Tolan Abstract Most of the attention given to the gifted over the years has been devoted to gifted children, a population identified by unusual mental processing that sets them apart from the norms. Gifted adults, however, are recognized in our society...

Gifted Adults in Work

Gifted Adults in Work Authors:  Noks Nauta and Frans Corten (Kumar Jamdagni , trans.) Noks Nauta and Frans Corten (Kumar Jamdagni , trans.) Citation: From Tijdschrift voor Bedrijfs- en Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (Journal for Occupational and Insurance Physicians). 2002...

Can You Hear the Flowers Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults

Can You Hear the Flowers Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults Author: Deirdre V. Lovecky Citation: Copyright © American Counseling Association. Reprinted with permission from Journal of Counseling and Development, May 1986. No further reproduction authorized without written...

Counseling Gifted Adults – A Case Study

Gifted children are often identified by their insatiable curiosity, advanced mental ability, intensity, and thought-provoking questions. But what happens when these children become adults? What are they like and do they have any particular mental health needs? This paper uses a case study of one particular gifted adult to explain the typical issues these clients bring into counseling.

Benny and Me: A Father Sees Himself Through His Son

by Michael Postma It was a miserable day in the fall of 2001 when we got our first glimpse of what our lives would be like for the next 20-odd years. We were a young family: a mom, a dad, one young daughter in elementary school, a newborn, and a young lad, Ben. Ben...

An Interview with Roland S. Persson: The Talent of Being Inconvenient

An Interview with Roland S. Persson: The Talent of Being Inconvenient SENG’s Editor in Chief Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy interviews Roland S. Persson, Ph.D. Dr. Persson is a Professor of Educational Psychology, editorial board member of Education Today (UK) and Gifted...

Overexcitability and the Gifted

Overexcitability and the Gifted by Sharon Lind A small amount of definitive research and a great deal of naturalistic observation have led to the belief that intensity, sensitivity and overexcitability are primary characteristics of the highly gifted. These...

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