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Fostering The Social And Emotional Development Of Gifted Children Through Guided Viewing Of Film

Teachers of gifted elementary school students seek strategies appropriate for fostering healthy social and emotional development in children. The authors propose guided viewing of film as a strategy through which teachers and counselors may assist young gifted students in gaining helpful insights to deal with problems they face. This article presents a theoretical foundation for this approach, a variety of strategies for implementation, and a collection of films appropriate for use with gifted students.

Health Care Providers Know Little About Gifted Children

Health Care Providers Know Little About Gifted Children Authors: Jean Goerss, M.D; Rick Clouse, M.D; and James Webb, Ph.D. Citation: From National Psychologist. 16(2), 12. Reprinted with permission.   Because giftedness is rare, professionals who help children are...

Counseling, Multiple Exceptionality, and Psychological Issues

Counseling, Multiple Exceptionality, and Psychological Issues By Edward R. Amend As a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in giftedness, I read my colleague Jim Webb's paper with much interest. I, too, am concerned about the too frequent mis-diagnosis and...

Educational Testing

by Richard Olenchak Despite increased political activism surrounding services and support for gifted and talented students at the state and national levels, one must wonder if the current test-driven mentality that has swept the United States is gifted-friendly....

Biblio and Film Therapy

by Edward R. Amend "My child just doesn’t seem motivated! What can I do to help him see that he is wasting opportunities?" As a psychologist, I hear this presenting concern quite frequently from parents of gifted children. It always reminds me of something I was told...


by Ruth Carlstrom The many faces of the gifted, to borrow the theme of the 2003 SENG Conference, can cause what has been labeled a modern tragedy. Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults is a book, hot off the press, which addresses this. The...

Mental Health Care

by Nadia Webb Yesterday the parents of a profoundly gifted boy told me that I had spent more time talking with them than with the prior three specialists they had seen combined. We had just crossed the 90-minute mark when they said this. By the end of the two-day...

Asynchronous Development

Asynchronous Development by Jean Goerss “I don’t want to be gifted, Mom! I hate school!” cried my son after a particularly hard day. What makes a child want to deny who he is? “He has to learn to deal with all kinds of people and situations eventually. You are being...

Parenting Twice-Exceptional Children

by Dina Brulles Nothing has ever been easy with David. Nothing. Ever. David is a nice kid. He is smart and quiet. He blends in well enough that not many people, including teachers, notice the learning difficulties he has. He does not usually draw attention to himself;...

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