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SENG’s Mission is Timeless

by Wenda Sheard Hello! I enthusiastically joined the SENG Board of Directors in January. Today I offer you snippets of my parenting experiences, and I offer you four excerpts from John Stuart Mill’s 1869 essay On Liberty. I hope Mill’s words, italicized below, will...

Not Your Typical Gifted Conference

by Dina Brulles A sand-castle building contest, Ghost stories on the Queen Mary, “Don Gato”: A mini-operetta…   Seeking moral courage, Exploring possible misdiagnosis and dual diagnoses, Finding friends and fitting in…   This is not your typical gifted

"Oh…Auntie Em, there’s no place like home!"

By Rosina Gallagher This was certainly the spirit at the 24th SENG Annual Conference held in Kansas City/Overland Park, Kansas, July 13-15. Over 400 parents, educators, professionals, children and teens participated in this unique family affair! If you were there, you...

SENG's 25th Anniversary Conference: Reflections on SENG's History

 SENG's 25th Anniversary Conference: Reflections on SENG's History by James T. Webb In August 1980, a very bright, talented 17 year old Dallas Egbert, from Dayton, Ohio, committed suicide. His parents contacted me, as a child psychologist, to inquire whether there...

Sharing SENG Model Parent Groups

  According to Shari Hill, it was that “amazing camaraderie” that develops over 10 weeks that drew her in and kept her involved in SENG-Model Parent Groups (SMPG). Shari is nearing the end of her first term as the president of the SENG board of directors and has been...

25th Anniversary Gala Honors

A 25th Anniversary is a very special occasion for any organization. I don’t know the statistics on the success rate for non-profits or associations but most businesses fail in the first year. An organization that makes it to a silver anniversary should step back and...

SENG Supporters at the NAGC Annual Convention

by Lori Comallie-Caplan It was a pleasure presenting at the NAGC annual convention last weekend; but the highlight of the conference was meeting so many SENG supporters face-to-face in the exhibit area.  Heidi Molbak, Wenda Sheard, Rosina Gallagher, Elizabeth...

Highlights from the SENG Summit: Mission Possible: 2009 Orlando Florida

by Lori Comallie-Caplan Despite tight travel budgets, more than 400 people attended the SENG Summit from the United States and 8 other countries. Why do SENG participants make this conference a priority, travelling hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to attend?...

Coming Full-Circle

Coming Full-Circle by Jane Hesslein I’m part of a very small group of people on the planet who have been connected with SENG for nearly all of its existence; I’m a SENG lifer. Considering how quickly organizations come and go today, that’s a pretty remarkable...

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