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5 Tips for Helping Gifted Children Make Friends

by Colleen Kessler Making friends can be hard for any child, but for socially awkward gifted children or twice-exceptional kiddos, the challenge is only multiplied. While their brains are working on overdrive, and they can have an intelligent conversation with an...

On Companionship

by Tracy Riley When I was in junior high school, I recall being given a test in the guidance counsellor’s office over the summer holidays. When school began, I was in a special class called Project SAIL (Searching the Atmospehere for Intellectual Learning – I think!)....

Inclusive Communities Say “No”

By Kate Bachtel Many among us have fantasized about a world where there is only one rule: “Be Kind.” We imagine a utopic society where everyone is held in a global embrace. Connection to others is immeasurably important, especially for outliers whose developmental...

Feature Article: Thinking Along the Same Lines

Thinking Along the Same Lines by Tracy Riley While the literature and advocates in gifted education espouse the importance of facilitating opportunities for like-mindedness, what does it mean to be like-minded? Our research team asked four gifted year 8 students (ages...


Fly by Maddy Casper, age 9 I try to think of myself as someone regular,but everything I doIt affects it all.I tell myself-Get backUp and be yourself,You can be anything you want to beAnd fly.Just fly.I don't fit in with mostPeople, so I guess I'm justDifferentBut...

28 Acts of Kindness for the Gifted

28 Acts of Kindness for the Gifted By Joy Navan Following the tragic shootings in Newtown, Ann Curry of NBC News began a “28 Acts of Kindness” movement that became a global initiative for individuals to honor all who died by performing acts of random kindness to...

Friendships, A Rare Treasure

Friendships, A Rare Treasure By Lori Comallie-Caplan Last month at our local gifted parent group, I asked what they would like the next presentation to be about, and the answer was unanimously “Gifted Children and Friendships.”  This week when I asked one of the...

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