Articles on Social Needs

Social/Emotional Needs: The Rage of Gifted Students

by Tracy L. Cross The experiences of gifted students in school are quite varied and reflect a wide variety of factors. For 17 years, I have written about their experiences from two perspectives, that of a researcher and, using their own words, that of the students...

Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted

Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted Authors: Jill D. Burruss and Lisa Kaenzig Citation: From the Virginia Association for the Gifted Newsletter. 1999 Fall 21(1). Reprinted with permission. You know at least one or perhaps are one: the child...

9 Important Topics about the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Interview with Carol McGaughey, Ed.D. by Michael F. Shaughnessy Q1: Carol, first of all, what do you see as the main social and emotional needs of the gifted? Early in my career as a teacher of gifted elementary students, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity...

Using Books to Meet the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students

by Judith Wynn Halsted As readers of this newsletter are acutely aware, even gifted children whose intellectual needs are adequately met have other needs, as well. The very existence of SENG is a response to the recognition that our gifted children often face social...

An Interview with Janet Davidson: Reflections on Gender and Giftedness

  SENG's Editor in Chief, Dr. Michael Shaughnessy, interviews Janet E. Davidson on gender, expertise, creativity, intelligence theories, and other aspects of giftedness. An Interview with Janet Davidson: Reflections on Gender and Giftedness Question: Dr. Davidson, you...

Nurturing Social And Emotional Development In Gifted Teenagers Through Young Adult Literature

This article examines how developmental bibliotherapy featuring young adult literature serves as an effective strategy to address emotional issues in the lives of gifted teenagers. Following a discussion of bibliotherapy and a rationale for its use with gifted students, a description of a young adult novel entitled The Mosquito Test is presented. The authors then describe how a group of intelligent teenagers in a high school English class-room responded to the novel in a bibliotherapeutic fashion. Also provided is an annotated bibliography of current young adult literature, appropriate for use with bibliotherapy in secondary classrooms.

Fostering The Social And Emotional Development Of Gifted Children Through Guided Viewing Of Film

Teachers of gifted elementary school students seek strategies appropriate for fostering healthy social and emotional development in children. The authors propose guided viewing of film as a strategy through which teachers and counselors may assist young gifted students in gaining helpful insights to deal with problems they face. This article presents a theoretical foundation for this approach, a variety of strategies for implementation, and a collection of films appropriate for use with gifted students.


Introversion Author: Sharon Lind  Citation: From The SENG Update, July 2004 My overriding passion is to encourage people to cherish, celebrate, raise awareness about, and discuss individual differences. It is OK to be different, to feel differently. One group of...

Encouraging Emotional Intelligence

Encouraging Emotional Intelligence Author: Steven I. Pfeiffer  Citation; From The SENG Update, October 2006    We know that in the U.S. today, the prevalence of mental health problems among children and youth — including those who are gifted — is alarmingly high. Some...

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