Articles on Spiritual Needs

Holidays and the Spiritual Side of Giftedness

by Sheri Plybon Each year as holidays approach, I have a sense of inner turmoil: the season of giving, captured by the intense commercialism to give presents to all relatives, friends, and a few acquaintances in the office Secret Santa. But the giving of a gift rarely...

Diversity: A Rich Resource in American Education

Diversity: A Rich Resource in American Education Author: Rosina Gallagher, Ph.D  Citation: From the SENG Update, September 2009 Thinking over the topic of diversity and excellence in American public education, I am prompted to reflect on my own personal experience....

The Best of Both Worlds: On Being Indian

The Best of Both Worlds: On Being Indian Author: Vidisha Patel, EdD  Citation: From the SENG Update, March 2010 One of the blessings of living in sunny Florida at this time of year is that we host numerous visitors. This year has been particularly busy with visits...

Can We Capture and Measure the Creativity Beast?

by Rose Blackett According to many researchers, creativity has an elusive relationship to giftedness. Consider the part creativity plays on the stage of life, and look behind its mask. What is creativity? If we can identify the creativity beast, can we capture and...

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