Articles on Twice Exceptionality

Counseling, Multiple Exceptionality, and Psychological Issues

Counseling, Multiple Exceptionality, and Psychological Issues By Edward R. Amend As a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in giftedness, I read my colleague Jim Webb's paper with much interest. I, too, am concerned about the too frequent mis-diagnosis and...


by Ruth Carlstrom The many faces of the gifted, to borrow the theme of the 2003 SENG Conference, can cause what has been labeled a modern tragedy. Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults is a book, hot off the press, which addresses this. The...


ADHD The text of this article was taken from an email interview with Dr. Pfeiffer for Bayousphere, a publication from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. If a parent suspects his or her child might have ADHD, what tips do you have to help parents navigate the...

Parenting Twice-Exceptional Children

by Dina Brulles Nothing has ever been easy with David. Nothing. Ever. David is a nice kid. He is smart and quiet. He blends in well enough that not many people, including teachers, notice the learning difficulties he has. He does not usually draw attention to himself;...

A Tour of Learning Diversity

by Wenda Sheard For the past six months I've been working full time as a research specialist exploring the educational and workforce lives of people with disabilities. Some people might question how a person deeply committed to the unique social and emotional needs of...

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