Articles on the Well-Being of the Gifted

SENG Concerns for Gifted ADHD Diagnosis: FAQ

The following questions are useful for reporters and others who are researching the issue of Gifted ADHD diagnosis or interviewing members of SENG's Professional Advisory Committee. 1. How does one define giftedness? 2. How do professionals identify giftedness? At...

Where Does a Pediatric Doctor Fit in the Care of Gifted Children?

Where Does a Pediatric Doctor Fit in the Care of Gifted Children? Author: Marianne Kuzujanakis, M.D., M.P.H. Citation: First published in the SENGVine, October 2011 I wear two hats: One—as a pediatrician. The other—as a parent of a gifted child. To be honest, there...

The Moral Sensitivity of Gifted Children and the Evolution of Society

Linda Kreger Silverman Abstract: In this article, I use a combination of clinical observations and theoretical propositions to demonstrate that the cognitive complexity and certain personality traits of the gifted create unique experiences and awarenesses that...

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