Articles on the Well-Being of the Gifted


ADHD The text of this article was taken from an email interview with Dr. Pfeiffer for Bayousphere, a publication from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. If a parent suspects his or her child might have ADHD, what tips do you have to help parents navigate the...

Supporting Self-Esteem

by Beverly Shaklee “Losing with class.” That’s how the news reporters stated the fact that George Mason University basketball team lost the game to Florida in the Final Four NCAA basketball competition. Campus for the last two weeks has been a flurry of reporters,...

Making Sense of IQ

by Nadia Webb IQ tests measure a broad range of problem solving skills. The scores are fairly useful in predicting academic and job performance, as well as physical health and income. However, IQ tests are intrinsically incomplete. “The number” leaves out intellectual...

Brick House

by Nadia Webb On Monday I went the funeral of a gifted actor, father of three, and well-loved member of our little community. But all that love didn’t seep in past all of his pain. After years of struggling with bipolar disorder, he committed suicide, leaving his wife...

Gifted Students from Culturally Diverse Populations

by Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn In 2005, I began my journey as a school psychologist in one of the most diverse and largest school districts in the country. I had no way of knowing that this journey would lead me to develop a life long passion for Gifted/Talented (G/T)...

The Magnificent Void

The Magnificent Void Author: Sheri Plybon Citation: First published in the SENG Update, October 2009   When I began this article, I was listening to the music channel on TV. I was not surprised to find that the title of the piece fit perfectly with my thoughts....

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