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NEW! 30 Essays on Giftedness In Paperback or E-Book

Enjoy this collection of articles regarding a wide variety of topics related to the social and emotional needs of the gifted. Each is written by one of the leading experts in our field.

Explore the Joy and Challenges of Parenting the Gifted

This e-book from SENG features articles and resources from SENG’s National Parenting Gifted Children Week. Topics include identifying and recognizing giftedness, the challenges of parenting a gifted child, underachievement issues and twice exceptionalism, gifted minorities and gifted boys and girls, misdiagnosis and depression in gifted youth, advocacy, and parenting supports and resources


25 Ways to Love the Gifted

For the cost of a greeting card, share SENG’s upbeat booklet 25 Ways to Love the Gifted as a way to say thank you to teachers, counselors, schools, and others who make a daily difference in the lives of the gifted.
Gathered from SENG’s experts on the social and emotional needs of gifted individuals, this booklet has been popular for its simplicity and thought-provoking honesty. It is a thoughtful collection of 25 different ways you can show love for the gifted individuals in your life. (Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.)


SENG Brochure

Help your parents and clients find resources about the emotional and social challenges facing the gifted. Introduce them to SENG with this handy reference guide that tells about our mission, what we do, and how to get involved. It’s available free as a download or in bundles of 25.


SENG Diversity Brochure

While the needs of gifted children as a whole are often underserved, gifted minority children are most likely to lack supports appropriate to develop their talents and are also most likely to be misdiagnosed with behavior issues. SENG is committed to meeting the special needs of minority gifted children, their families and communities, and the educators and health professionals that support them.

Decreasing Medical Misdiagnosis in Gifted Children Brochure and Gifted Resource Bookmark

The brochure is designed for medical professionals and describes common clinical traits often associated with giftedness that can be misidentified as ADHD, mood disorders, and other diagnoses. It’s available free as a download or via mail in bundles of 25. The Gifted Resources Bookmark is available only by mail in bundles of 25.

These are great to give to others (educators, health care professionals, etc.) for distribution.

Selecting a Mental Health Professional for Your Gifted Child

  • How do I know if my child needs a counselor or therapist?
  • How do I find an appropriate practitioner?
  • Where can I find out more about giftedness?

This publication provides some answers to these common questions, and directs you to more resources to help you make informed decisions about your child’s mental health care. Also in Spanish!


Becoming a SENG-Model Parent Support Group Facilitator

What are SENG-Model Parent Support groups all about? What topics are covered in the sessions? What are the resources I need to become a facilitator in my community? A quick read, this brochure gives you the rundown on the basics of the groups and how to learn more about becoming a facilitator.



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