Monday, February 12, 2018, 7 pm EST

Course Description:

Research shows that self-compassion reduces depression, anxiety, self-criticism, and trauma symptoms. For gifted youth, these practices hold even greater value in managing OE’s. Join Dr. Lee-Anne Gray, psychologist, educator, and author, to learn how self-compassion transforms the gifted experience. With new attention to the 6th OE – spirituality, self-compassion has even bolder potential in promoting self-actualization in gifted youth. Experiential activities will highlight the power of self-compassion so you can bring straight to the gifted youth you care for!

Presenter Bio: Dr. Lee-Anne Gray

Dr. Lee-Anne Gray is a psychologist, educator, and author. She is certified in EMDR, a trauma treatment, as well as a national speaker in self-compassion, mindful awareness, LGBT+ youth, assessment, special education, and gifted individuals. As the president and CEO of The Connect Group, she currently serves the global educational community with innovative professional development seminars in empathy, compassion cultivation, & Design Thinking. She was supervising psychologist at the largest special education non-profit organization in the US, before opening her private practice where she was a clinical and forensic expert conducting many IEE’s for gifted students. She is formerly an instructor of Psychology of Gender in the Departments of Psychology/Women’s Studies at UCLA. In 2012, she curated and organized TEDxStudioCityED. She is a contributing author to Pedagogies of Kindness and Respect: On the Lives and Education of Children. Her last book, Self-Compassion for Teens, was the #1 New Release on Amazon, in Child Popular Psychology and Emotional Mental Health. Her forthcoming book on LGBT+ youth will be published in 2018.

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