SENG Annual Conference Children’s Program
Creating New Possibilities Through Creative and Critical Thinking
August 3-5

Thursday 8/3

6:00 PM – Registration/Drop Off/Introductions. Parents welcome!
6:30 PM – Pool Party
7:00 PM – Movie
8:30 PM – Closing/Pick Up

Friday 8/4

8:00-8:30 Drop Off
8:30-9:30 Ice Breaker: Yarn Activity
9:30-10:00- Introduce theme/essential questions, expectations (rules) of weekend and what Session 1 and 2 will look like
10:05-11:30- Session 1
11:35-12:30 LUNCH
12:35-1:35- Reflection/Preparation for Sunday Showcase
1:40-3:10 – Session 2
3:15 – 4:00 – Reflection/Preparation for Sunday Showcase
4:00-4:30- Pick Up

Saturday 8/5

8:30 AM – Buses Leave Hotel
Lunch: Box Lunches from Marriot Naperville
3:30 PM – Buses Leave Museum

Natalie and Jamie Adrian and Stefanie Rachel and Alison
Session 1 Making Big Ideas the Next Big Thing Act Up The Art of Argumentation
Session 2 STEM from Within Tied Up in String Theory Difficult Dilemmas and Brilliant Deductions

Making Big Ideas the Next Big Thing – How can the engineering and design process be used to confirm/debunk common myths or even create a new fad? Explore with everyday materials to create new innovations and inventions by researching and testing the validity of rumors, myths, and more.

Act Up – Whose line really is it, anyways? Act Up! offers an opportunity to explore your performing side! This session will explore the fundamentals of improvisation. Through improv games students will build active listening and observational skills. These games will tap into student’s creativity and quick thinking! Through these fundamentals students will then move to do scene work with a partner, creating and adding to an environment.

The Art of Argumentation – How can logical thinking used to make sound arguments and disprove unsound arguments? Learn how to use analogies and syllogisms to express ideas, and how to recognize and discredit logical fallacies.

STEM from Within – This unit will provide students the opportunity to work together to think deeply and creatively so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.

Tied Up in String Theory – Strings are all around us. They make up the clothes we wear, and the fibers of our DNA. Can anything be possible using string? Explore the possibilities through art, history, and hands-on discovery.

Difficult Dilemmas and Brilliant Deductions – Got a dilemma about what to do? Well, no worries! Here dilemmas are fun and engaging! Through problem solving and logical reasoning, students will have the opportunity to crack codes, solve riddles create and play with puzzles!

Registration Deadline: July 21

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