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Introducing the first SENG Connect Book Club Group, which will be studying Best-Selling author John Green’s novel An Abundance of Katherines. This novel, centered on the life of young math prodigy Colin Singleton, explores themes of purpose, balance, and friendship, all with the backdrop of a gifted teenager trying to find his place in the world. This group is perfect for anyone interested in the lives of gifted teens, lovers of young adult fiction, or simply anyone looking to have a deep conversation about the way giftedness can impact all aspects of someone’s life. Participants of all ages are welcome to join this discussion about what it means to be a gifted teenager trying to find the meaning of life. Hint: It’s more complicated than any mathematical equation.

More information about An Abundance of Katherines can be found here.

This Book Club will have its first meeting on January 8th at 8:30 p.m. EST to introduce the novel and the Book Club model. Discussion meetings will be held on January 22nd and February 5th.

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