SENGinar: Perfectionism and Giftedness: What We Know and What We Can Do

Perfectionism and Giftedness: What We Know and What We Can Do

Perfectionism is a perennial topic in gifted. Almost every professional or parent who works with gifted recognizes perfectionism in gifted children. Our presentation will look at some of the causes and solutions to unhealthy perfectionism in giftedness.

Many gifted students set high standards for themselves, but what happens if these standards are set to perfection? How do characteristics of giftedness and mindsets about their own abilities influence perfectionism in gifted children? Perfectionistic beliefs can impact a child’s goals, achievement outcomes, and behaviors. Such behaviors are often displayed as procrastination, self-handicapping, avoidance-coping, and even underachievement. What can you as a practitioner, parent, or teacher do to nurture a love or learning vs. a fear of failure? Specific strategies will be shared to gear children towards a healthy pursuit of excellence.

Date, Time, Cost

Thursday, November 10, 2016
7.30PM EST – 9.00PM EST
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About the Presenters

Emily Mofield, Ed.D., is the lead consulting teacher for gifted education for Sumner County Schools in Tennessee and is involved in supporting several projects with Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth. She has also taught as a gifted education language arts middle school teacher for 10 years. Her work is devoted to developing challenging differentiated curriculum for gifted learners and addressing their social/emotional needs.

Megan Parker Peters, PhD has served as a school psychologist in public schools and as a specialty psychologist at Vanderbilt University, assessing and consulting with families of intellectually gifted and twice-exceptional learners. Dr. Peters has worked with families and schools from across the country who were seeking expertise in the areas of appropriately evaluating and serving gifted learners.

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