Presented by Austina De Bonte

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Thursday, November 8, 2018
7.30PM EDT – 9.00PM EDT
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When smart kids find that everything comes easy, an essential aspect of self-development gets lost in the bargain: the development of persistence, self-discipline, and tolerance for failure. While these aspects are rarely discussed, Duckworth’s seminal research on “grit” has much to say about gifted students, as does Dweck’s research on “growth mindset.” Many assume that high IQ predicts success, but their research showed that passion and perseverance mattered a whole lot more – and on average, the smartest kids actually had the least grit. Take a research journey from Terman to Peters, separate the insights from the hype, see the kids-eye view via the popular “James and Susie” animation – and use this fresh perspective to better guide our gifted students.

About Austina De Bonte

Austina De Bonte is the current President of the Northwest Gifted Child Association (, the Washington State support and advocacy organization for families with gifted children. Founded in 1963, NWGCA is the oldest gifted organization in Washington state. A dynamic and engaging presenter, Austina speaks regularly at conferences, as well as conducts parent education talks and professional development for educators. She is a parent advocate who is passionate about speaking about the unique social and emotional development of highly capable (HiCap) or “gifted” children. Austina’s signature style combines firsthand experience as a parent with synthesized research and cutting edge neuroscience. She often says, “There is a growing body of research out there that will change how you think about the HiCap population – Smart is not easy.” Austina is a certified SENG Model Parent Group facilitator. 

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