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Dear SENG Friends & Family,   

Lisa Rivero 'Tis the season to be grateful. This year my gratitude radiates outward from home and family to friends near and far, from being able to do work that I love to my students and co-workers, from the states where I have lived to all the marvelous places I want to visit, and, of course, to my SENG friends and family, which includes all of you.


Taking the time to be grateful and, even more important, to express that gratitude, offers benefits beyond a moment of good feeling. Research in the field of Positive Psychology has found that the simple exercise of doing a gratitude visit - writing and delivering a letter of gratitude to someone in our lives whom we never properly thanked - can lead to a month or more of greater happiness. Another exercise, focusing on three good things each day and their causes, can promote greater happiness and less depression for six months. In the words of American writer Thornton Wilder, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."


What treasures are you grateful for this holiday season? How will you express your gratitude, and to whom?


Warmest wishes,


Lisa Rivero

Lisa Rivero, SENG Director


Sheri Plybon

Finding Passion, Living Passion

by Sheri Plybon


How do you define passion?  Is it finding something you love to do, something you love to see, or something you love to touch or hear or taste?


Passion is something that ignites the senses of your being, bringing joy, laughter, a sense of accomplishment, power.  


So why is finding passion important? ...  Read More


Featured SENGinars

SENGinar LogoTalking with Teens   
by Jean Peterson, PhD
December 20, 2012


Learn how you can engage gifted adolescents in conversations that are meaningful and satisfying for both of you.


Learn More

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Laying Waste to the Elephant in the Living Room: Solutions for the Anxious Gifted Child 
by P. Susan Jackson, MA, RCC
January 17, 2013


Anxiety is the most common mental health problem experienced by children. Learn more about anxiety and strategies to combat anxiety-related disorders.


The Importance of Imaginative Play

by Joy Navan


Many, many years ago, our family had milk and eggs delivered on our doorstep by the milkman. I remember the day when I decided to use the eggs to make "pies." I took the carton of eggs around the corner of our house to my play yard by our big tree swing, and, in no time, I had the most beautiful mud pies laid out in a row! Of course, my mother did not quite appreciate my handiwork, and this was long before toy kitchen sets came with their own cake mixes and the like. Looking back, I still thrill at the imaginative play of my childhood, when my brothers and I could create just about anything with what we found in our environment. ...  Read More




Tiombe Kendrick

The Lives of Two Gifted Students

by Tiombe-Bisa Kendrick


While recently conversing with a Black male high school student, I was in total awe of his presence. During our short time together, it did not take my clinical skills long to pick up on his high intellectual ability. I thought to myself, this student has to be gifted! When I jokingly inquired about his being a gifted student, he informed me that he chose to stop attending gifted classes some years ago. As our conversation continued, I wondered to myself why he had initially dropped out of school. You see, although this student was fully capable of graduating from a traditional high school, he consciously chose to drop out.  ...  Read More 


100 Words of Wisdom: Vidisha Patel 
(In approximately 100 words, experts from around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. View and share the  online version.)

Vidisha Patel

"Savor the silence. In working with gifted children I have learned that the spaces between the words teach me so much more. Focusing on what the children say and how they say it (is saying and how they are saying) helps me better understand their thought process. Rather than trying to find an immediate solution or explanation for the problem at hand, I find that active listening provides clues on underlying worries and concerns that the children may not have noticed. This practice focuses attention back on the child, further validating feelings and boosting self-esteem. The art of listening actively takes thought and practice but is well worth the effort." 



 * * * * * * *


Dr. Vidisha Patel is a therapist and works with gifted children and families in Sarasota, Florida. She specializes in helping children and adults with managing their emotions around stress and anxiety as well as relationship challenges. Dr. Patel is a Director on the SENG Board and currently serves as the Finance Officer.




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