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  April 2012 Issue 91  
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Director's Corner: Stress and Test Anxiety
SMPGs: The Heart of SENG
Talking Circles: Celebrating Diversity
Writing Tips for the Gifted Student
Felice Kaufmann's 100 Words of Wisdom
News & Events: Chance to Win Free SENGinars!
New SENGinar by Dr. Terence Friedrichs
Liaison of the Month
Newenka DuMont
Newenka DuMont
"My life changed the day I met a group of parents whose young children could use a hundred adjectives to describe the agony caused by the tags in their shirts, whose children could read Harry Potter as kindergartners and preferred to do so than to play with their classmates, whose children cried for starving people and could not understand their parents' inability to fix the world. Even though I have led SENG Model Parent Groups for nearly ten years, I never fail to learn something myself from every group, plus I meet so many interesting people, and I know that my efforts have helped many gifted children to be understood." 
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Milwaukee 2012 Conference

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Dear SENG Friends & Family, 


Opportunity: A perfect fit of situation and timing.


Shining Light on Giftedness in Milwaukee is a summer opportunity that will amaze you! What better way to provide food for the stomach (great meals), the head (great topics), and the heart (social/emotional support)?


Each year's conference provides an array of both keynote speakers and workshop presenters who are experts in not just gifted education, but the "heart" of gifted education, social and emotional learning for all ages and backgrounds.


But wait! There's more! An un-paralled experience for children. Think of it: Vacation, exciting learning, working with peers AND...every SENG conference children's program is unique.


Who would not want to work like a scientist on Lake Michigan, be an inventor or global problem solver, or see the real Harley-Davidson Motorcycles up close and very personal? Now that would change the image of the first day of school's "What I Did This Summer" essay!


We hope you will join us in Milwaukee on July 13-14, 2012 for a great opportunity.



Sheri Plybon
SENG Interim Executive Director
Register for the SENG 2012 Conference before May 1st for a chance to win free SENGinars!

All full-conference registrants, SMPG registrants, and CE registrants who submit their paid 2012 Conference registrations on or before May 1st will be entered in a random drawing to win one of several valuable Create-Your-Own SENGinar prizes: your choice of not one, not two, but three previously recorded SENGinars, a $120 value! More Details
Director's Corner

Vidisha PatelKeeping a Healthy Perspective on Stress and Test Anxiety
by Vidisha Patel

Test taking can be stressful for many individuals, and when you add gifted tendencies to the mix, stress levels can reach alarming levels. In some instances, gifted students get so anxious and stressed about assessments that they are not able to function. Normal, everyday tasks are forgotten, and simple assignments become too complex to understand... Read More

SMPGs: The Heart of SENG

Q & A with SENG Model Parenting Group (SMPG) Facilitators  

(First published in the 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, March/April 2012; reprinted with permission)

2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter asked three SMPG facilitators (Melissa Sornik, Lori Comallie-Caplan, and Heidi Molbak) to discuss their experiences leading SENG Model Parent Groups and what parents get out of the experience... Read More 
Talking Circles: Celebrating Diversity

Tiombe KendrickThe Double Challenge 
by Tiombe-Bisa Kendrick
Although knowledge pertaining to the often unequal conditions and practices among G/T children from culturally diverse backgrounds are widely known and accepted among educators, scholars, parents, and policy makers, many fail to have a real understanding of how this impacts the social and emotional development of these children... Read More 


Feature Article

Will Fitzhugh

Writing Tips for the Gifted Student

by Will Fitzhugh

(First published in Education News; reprinted with permission)

Like other people, gifted students like to see if there is any point in doing something, in this case, writing a long, serious academic research paper. I believe that the point is best illustrated by showing them what the finished product looks like, and by having them read some exemplary papers by their peers, showing them how very interesting serious history can be, even to people their age... Read More

100 Words of Wisdom: Felice Kaufmann 
(In approximately 100 words, experts from around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. View and share the online version.)

Felice Kaufmann

"The best piece of wisdom I have learned from studying gifted adults for 30 years is that achievement for achievement's sake does not necessarily provide a lasting and meaningful structure for living one's life. While achievement is important, in the long run success means being able to identify and understand one's real needs and finding ways to meet those needs in a constructive and personally meaningful way--whether it's finding a cure for cancer or influencing and being deeply loved by family and friends. E.M. Forster said it best and most succinctly: Only connect." ~ Felice Kaufmann


* * * * * * *

Dr. Felice Kaufmann was a teacher and counselor of gifted children, grades K-12, a professor at Auburn University and the Universities of New Orleans and Kentucky and served on the Boards of the National Association for Gifted Children and The Association for the Gifted. Her articles have appeared in such journals as Journal for Education of the Gifted, Roeper Review, Journal of Career Education, Journal of Counseling and Development, Exceptional Children, and Gifted Child Today
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  • SENG has launched a national search for a new Executive Director. Application deadline: April 30, 2012. Read More 
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 Featured SENGinar

SENGinar LogoTeaching Academics to Gifted Youth with Asperger's 
Presented by Terry Friedrichs, PhD, EdD
April 19, 2012


In this SENGinar, parents and educators will discover, among other things, how to improve on youths' skills in communicating, understanding directions, and predicting consequences in basic academic subjects at the elementary, middle and secondary levels.


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