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  May/June 2012 Issue 92  
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Thank You, Michael Shaughnessy
Director's Corner: Summer Museum Visits...Virtually!
In Tribute: Annemarie Roeper (1918-2012)
Talking Circles: Celebrating Diversity
A Prescription for the Perfect Summer
News & Events: Chance to Win Free SENGinars!
New SENGinar
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Milwaukee 2012 Conference

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Dear SENG Friends & Family, 


As someone who has made her home in Milwaukee for the past 30 years, I am thrilled that in this 30th anniversary year of SENG, the 2012 Conference, Shining Light on Giftedness: Empowering Families and Communities, will be held at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel.


If you haven't already registered for the conference, do not delay, as the deadline is only days away and our popular programs, such as the children's and teen programs, will soon be full. As one past teen program attendee shared, "I first learned about this strange, new, 'gifted world' through SENG, and it was at a SENG conference that I first met people who felt like me, people who seemed to understand me and with whom I connected in a whole new way."


Learn more at our 2012 conference page and follow conference news and connect with fellow attendees on Twitter with the #SENG12 hashtag.


I look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee in July!



Lisa Rivero
SENG Director and 2012 Conference Co-Chair
Thank You to Michael F. Shaughnessy

Michael ShaughnessyThree years ago, Michael F. Shaughnessy stepped into the role of SENG's editor-in-chief, the result of which has been tremendous growth in both quantity and quality of SENG's online library of articles. The subjects of his interviews for SENG include such notable figures in the gifted field as Janet Davidson, Sal MendaglioCarol McGaughey, Tracy Cross, Adam Blatner, Christine Fonseca, Roland S. Persson, Sylvia Rimm, Mark Goulston, and Wenda Sheard

As Dr. Shaughnessy completes his tenure as editor-in-chief, please join us in thanking him for the professionalism and care he has brought to this valuable volunteer position.
Director's Corner

Joy NavanSummer Museum Visits...Virtually!
by Joy Navan

Parents tend to look at the summer months as a time to fit in some travel as well as educational time with the family. Visits to historic sites, museums, and places of natural beauty are all popular choices. However, you are probably wondering how you can accomplish these visits with the high price of gasoline and with an economy that has you carefully choosing each dollar you spend. You can still give your kids quality enrichment time at home by taking advantage of the many virtual museums that are available. With a computer, some curiosity, and a little imagination, you and your children can have some exciting adventures together... Read More


In Tribute: Annemarie Roeper (1918-2012)

Annemarie Roeper

"I have been comfortable in the cocoon and now the point has come that I need to break through it and wonder how that will happen."

Beyond Old Age (Roeper, 2011)


by Joy Navan  

Our dear friend and mentor, Annemarie, broke through her cocoon on Friday, May 11, 2012. She leaves with us the gift of knowing an
d learning from her, a joyous celebration of her life and, most importantly, an understanding of the soul of giftedness as it reveals itself in the emotional and spiritual lives of the children we have the honor to behold... 
Read More 

Photo used by permission of The Roeper School
Talking Circles: Celebrating Diversity

Dina BrullesSeeing the Difference: Making a Difference 
by Dina Brulles


Very few states require pre-service training for teachers in the field of gifted education. Therefore, parents should try to work with teachers to help build an understanding of gifted children's learning needs, especially in the case of CLD [culturally and linguistically diverse] gifted students. Children take more academic risks, are more likely to seek challenging work, and ultimately achieve more when they feel accepted by their teachers. Parents can work with teachers to find ways to overcome culturally-based obstacles that may interfere with students' optimal progress, program placement, and other educational needs.... Read More 


Feature Article

Devon MacEachron

A Prescription for the Perfect Summer

by Dr. Devon MacEachron

In our practice of meeting the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners, our "prescription" for the perfect summer is "Take two genuine interests, explore them thoroughly, and call us in September" ... Read More

SpellNews & Events  
  • Register by June 18th for the 2012 SENG Conference! Be sure to check out our diverse and expert schedule of workshop presenters! Read More
  • New SENGinar on June 21st: Parent Engagement in Promoting a STEM Identity among Gifted Black Students," by Dr. Tarek C. Grantham and Kristina Collins. Read More
  • SENG is seeking candidates for election to the Board of Directors for the three-year term beginning January 2013. Application deadline: July 1stRead More
  • This year's National Parenting Gifted Children Week is July 15-21! Read More  
Featured SENGinar

Dr. Tarek C. GranthamParent Engagement in Promoting a STEM Identity among Gifted Black Students  

Presented by Dr. Tarek C. Grantham and Kristina Collins
June 21, 2012


Kristina Collins

Identity development is an area that is tied to social and emotional issues. Many Black students' positive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) identity is under-developed or frail due to barriers such as low STEM self-esteem, parent misunderstanding of STEM fields, few role models and mentors in STEM fields, and accusations of "acting White" by peers. This presentation will provide research on STEM programs and offer strategies to promote parent engagement in cultivating positive STEM identity in gifted Black students.


Learn More

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