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July 2012 Issue 93  
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Dear SENG Friends & Family, 


This special issue of the SENGVine announcements kicks off the fifth annual National Parenting Gifted Children Week (NPGCW). NPGCW was established with the National Special Events Registry in 2008 to celebrate the joys and challenges of raising, guiding, and supporting bright young minds.


All of this week, SENG is hosting a blog tour so that you can add your voices and experiences about parenting gifted children. Check our online schedule often for additions and updates, and please support writers on the blog tour with your comments and social shares. There is also still time to join in the fun!


Also, thank you to everyone who helped to make the 30th year anniversary conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, yet another SENG experience that changes lives and changes futures. Check our Facebook page for conference photos and other memories.


We at SENG are already busy planning next year's conference in Orlando, Florida: Warming a Gifted Heart. Be sure to save the date, July 19-21, 2013, and thank you all for your continued support and good will all year long (and watch for a special 30th anniversary ebook to be published in August).


Warm wishes,

SENG Board of Directors
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Feature Article 
Jane Hesslein Parenting a Gifted Child Is...
by Jane Hesslein

"...knowing it is normal for your 3-year-old to yell in a museum, 'Oh my gosh, that is the biggest trilobite I've ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!'" Read More

SENG Director Jane Hesslein shares her list of what it means to parent a gifted child. How many sound familiar, and what would you add? 


New Reprinted Article    
Erik von Hahn When diagnosing ADHD, consider possibility of giftedness in some children 
by Erik von Hahn,  MD, FAAP


Reprinted with permission from AAP News, July 2012 issue, copyright American Academy of Pediatrics.


"Parents and teachers often ask whether a child might have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But when a child is gifted, a diagnosis is not always clearcut..."

Read More 


SENG News: SENG Partners with Gifted Development Center on Dabrowski Congress

SENG is excited to collaborate with the Gifted Development Center (GDC) on the 10th International Dabrowski Congress so that professionals attending the Congress can obtain American Psychological Association (APA) Continuing Education (CE) credits. Fifteen CE credits will be offered for attendance at selective sessions. From the GDC: "This promises to be the beginning of several collaborative efforts of these two organizations, both of which support the emotional development of the gifted."


The 10th International Dabrowski Congress will be held July 19-21, 2012 at the Curtis Doubletree Hotel in Denver. Keynote speakers are Dabrowski scholar, Elizabeth Mika, & Marti Olsen Laney, author of The Introvert AdvantageMore Information

100 Words of Wisdom: Ed Amend 
(In approximately 100 words, experts from around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. View and share the online version.)

Ed Amend

"A gifted child needs TIME. Time to be a gifted student, time to be a gifted kid, and time to be a kid. These 'times' may overlap; they may also be distinct. A gifted student needs opportunities to learn, explore, delve, and stretch in a quest for knowledge. A gifted kid needs time to dream, wonder, and ponder the eccentricities of life and the existential aspects of our world. A kid needs time to play, grow, hurt, and enjoy. Each needs the emotional support of caring adults and peers who love them for who they are and help them find these 'times' to develop an identity as a gifted individual." ~ Ed Amend


* * * * * * *

Edward Amend, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist at Amend Psychological Services, PSC, in Kentucky and Ohio. He is co-author of two award-winning books: A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children and Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults. Dr. Amend is a director emeritus of SENG, past president of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education, Past Chair for the NAGC Counseling and Guidance Division, and consultant to the Davidson Institute. 
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