Young Adults

The teen and young adult years are often a challenge. We encounter new and stressful situations as we grow older and begin to navigate the adult world. These difficulties are often exacerbated for gifted individuals: sensitivity, intensity, perfectionism, loneliness, and more create extra strain.

SENG Connect YA is a place where gifted individuals in this age group can find resources, support, and understanding. These online support sessions bring together six to ten gifted teenagers and young adults, in facilitated discussions about their gifted experiences and traits. Groups meet for six to ten weeks through Google Hangouts.

There is a deep need in the gifted community for social connection and understanding. Through the online platform of SENG Connect support groups, gifted teens and young adults can form bonds of friendship, and offer emotional reassurance through the unique struggles.


Dates & Times: 

Weekly, January 24-March 7
8:30-9:30 pm EST

About the Facilitators

Trent Cash has been an Intern with SENG since he applied for the position in January 2017. Aside from SENG, he is a full-time student at The Ohio State University, where he is triple majoring in Public Administration, Psychology, and Economics. He’s been passionate about giftedness his whole life, and he’s excited to continue bringing a new perspective to the awesome work that SENG does every single day. In the future, Trent hopes to pursue a career in academia as a professor of Educational Psychology, with a research focus in the affective needs of gifted adolescents.


Claudia L’Amoreaux helps young people and their families navigate the social-emotional complexities of “digital life” through her practice Mindful Digital Life. Her education/technology work includes co-founding multimedia labs and new media apprenticeship programs for gifted teens. Inspired by the work of John Holt, Claudia was an early adopter of “growing without schooling,” and facilitated parent groups with Annemarie Roeper. Her presentations on the Future of Learning include the Smithsonian Museum, NASA Ames Research Center, Stanford, UC Berkeley, & the Holland Open Conference. She is an advisor to Project Happiness and a graduate of the .b Mindfulness for Teens training.


Melody Yourd assumed the role of SENG’s Communications Manager in 2015, after graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor’s degree in English. A gifted adult and passionate writer, Yourd has had multiple poetry and prose pieces published in creative arts magazines, and presented an academic paper at University of Puget Sound’s Race & Pedagogy National Conference in September 2014. Yourd is passionate about activism, education, LGBTQ+ rights, and advocacy for people with special needs (both gifts and disabilities). Yourd currently lives in Sacramento, CA.